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Schranner: Qualified Negotiator - For managers negotiating at the table Element 2

In this interactive element, you will sharpen your skills and apply all negotiation tactics in practice to boost your implementation success. You will focus on realistic role plays, case simulations, group exercises and diskussions.

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You will learn:

  • The right preperation
  • To set an agenda
  • To manage verbal assaults
  • To respond to irrational demands
  • To negotiate with confidence from beginning to end


Using the SCHRANNER CONCEPT, you will be prepared for the role of 'Negotiator' to lead even the most difficult negotiations to sucess.
Ususally attended by Key Account Managers, Procurement Managers, HR Managers, everyone who need to negotiate at the table.

Target audience

  • Key Account Managers
  • Procurement Mnagers
  • HR Managers
  • everyone who needs to negotiate



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